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One Love Arts

Colin and Jerelynne Andrews are One Love Arts. They would tell you that it's bigger than just them - that One Love Arts is a movemement dedicated to improving resources, education and awareness for creatives in Tobago. But more of that later.

Their work is impeccable. Colin's skills range from wood-carving to mosaic while Jerelynne produces some of the most sought after jewelry on the island. Much of their work is done in their Lowlands studios and like many othe Store Bay artisans, is made from mostly natural, local materials. Their pieces are popular with both tourists and locals as gift items or as ready-to-wear purchases. They are also able to craft custom pieces just to your liking.  

The Andrews are also actively involved in advancing the arts in Tobago. They are activists for the artist community and also hold much needed workshops for youth, teaching them to make craft. Their belief is that our culture lives through our art - that providing youngsters with a space and nuturing needed to foster creativity is essential to Tobago's advancement as a society.