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Food & Drink

Store Bay is synonymous with good Tobago food. If you live in Tobago, been to Tobago or even read about Tobago, you know this!

The culinary experience here centers around our Food Court. Miss Esmie, Miss Jean's, Miss Trim's, Miss Sylvia's, Miss Alma's, Miss Joicie's with their legendary "sweet hand" have been delighting the taste buds of food lovers since the 1980s. 

The food vendors have long been the standard-bearers of Tobago's world-renowned cuisine. Here you'll find Crab and Dumpling, Curry Goat or Stew Chicken w/ Callaloo and provision, Coo Coo, Roti, Bake and Shark - all of them key ingredients in our multicultural National Heritage. After a savory lunch, satisfy your sweet tooth with sweets like Coconut Fudge, Sugar Cake & Benne Balls. We have some of the islands best homemade ice-cream - with flavours like Rum n Raisin, Barbadine, Soursop and Guiness, you're bound to find a cone that suits you just right.

Our beach bars, Tobago Taxi Co-op & CHOLSON's Place serve up cold beverages as well as lunch items ranging from burgers & hot dogs to traditional creole platters.  

This really is a foodie's paradise. Come to Store Bay for A true taste of Tobago