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Anthea's Treasure Trove

Anthea's Treasure Trove is a fairly young business and already it's one of the most spectacular entrepreneurship stories in Tobago. 

Anola Anthea Martin is the creator of a range of body care products that are truly world-class. Her offerings include soaps, pampering body spritz's, lip balm and the very popular body smoothies. Her products are used by both women and men and are made from natural ingredients sourced from local farmers. They include goat's milk, bayleaf, mango and cocoa butter, aloes, cocoa, tumeric, cucumbers, caraili, avocado, noni and wonder-of-the world.

Anola is also strongly commited to business development and youth empowerment in Tobago. She holds soap-making workshops and is very much involved in the entrepreneurial and mentorship communities in Tobago.