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The Marine Center

Dive Packages

Tobago is one of the leading dive destinations in the Caribbean. Proximity to Venezuela's Orinoco River provides rich nutrients which support a large variety of underwater species such as sharks, turtles, sting rays, eels and beautiful array of tropical fish. Store Bay is ideally located for access to Tobago's renowned dive sites on both the Atlantic and Caribbean coasts. Packages also include trips to Speyside, on the North-eastern side of the island as well as Sisters, well known for hammer head sitings. Beginners are welcome - learn to dive in 2 1/2 hrs then we're off to explore the big blue sea.  

Kayak Eco Tour

Explore the Buccoo Reef Mangrove Lagoon, home to a variety of species of birds, repltiles and sea life. This naturally sheltered harbour with calm waters and rich nutrients is a spurning ground for Buccoo Reef fish. Then paddle out to the world famous Nylon Pool, a naturally formed sand bank in the middle of the Buccoo Reef, providing a shallow swimming area in the middle of the Ocean. This is a great family activity, open to children. 

Duration: 1hr 45 mins to 2 hrs